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Cancelation policy:
ProDog Hawaii is a small venue and cannot afford to offer refunds for classes not taken. There is a 48 hours cancellation policy for private consultations.​

Group Class Form for New Clients

 Please download and email the form to selarque@hawaii.rr.com. 

 Private Lesson Form for New Clients 

 Please download and email the form to selarque@hawaii.rr.com. 

Behavior Consultation & Private Lessons - $145 for initial 90-minute lesson and $95 for one-hour lesson (plus travel $30 fee depending on location).

Private one on one lessons are available for those with specific training and behavior modification needs, and for those who prefer to train in their own environment. I can teach you anything from basic obedience, to specialized training for therapy or service dogs, to modification of behaviors such as lack of self control, nipping, jumping, fear issues, aggression, and separation anxiety.

Jump Start - Day Training $720 for 8 hours of training

This is the ideal solution for those of you who want to kick off your dog's training to success but don't have the time to do it yourself. Instead of traditional boot camps where you send your dog off for a few weeks, I will come to YOUR home and work with your dog one-on-one for 8 hours. A dog can be more successful when they learn on their own turf!
Here's how it works:
~ Initial meeting with you and your dog to assess skill level and discuss goals.
~ 3 sessions with just me and your dog to teach and solidify basic behaviors. This can be flexible to meet your dog's needs.
~ One-hour session with you in the middle of the program so you can see the progress your dog has made so far and start implementing the new training in  your daily life.
~ 2 more sessions of training with just me and your dog.
~ A final one hour wrap-up session with you and me, to transfer everything I have done with your dog so you can continue on the road to success. 
The goal is to get your dog doing the basic desired behaviors with mild distractions, then I pass those skills on to you to maintain the behaviors over time. You may opt to be present at anytime.

Coaching $145 for initial 90-minute lesson and $95 for one-hour lesson (plus travel $30 fee depending on location).

It is ideal for some behaviors like loose leash walking, house training, reactivity, good manners, meets and greets and so much more. If we agree on this approach, I will work with you for one or more sessions (packages available). I will teach you how to manage a given situation with your dog and show you some new techniques.

Between our coaching sessions, you will be required to do some homework and to monitor the progress made with your dog.